SBC #4- Summer 2K17

This summer, my family and I went to Bali, in Indonesia. There, we were fortunate enough to visit a really famous site called “Uluwatu Temple”. This temple was situated at the south western tip of the city, up to a cliff that is approximately 100 meters high. . I remember our tour guide saying that the once at the bottom of the cliff was the only part in Bali that touched the Indian Ocean.

Also, we stayed until sunset to watch a traditional dance called “Kecak Dance”. It is a men’s chorus chanting the words ‘ke-cak, ke-cak’. The dance consists of about fifty men forming rows and circle around a fire. This dance is actually performed as a “dance-drama and the story presented is a representation of the Ramayana epic. (Ramayana was a fictional Hindu prince)

The following picture were taken by me over this summer.


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